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Kalyves Polygyros is a coastal village in the municipality of Polygyros, Halkidiki. Located in the recess of Toronaios Bay, between Gerakini and Olynthos, it has a permanent population of over 500 inhabitants which during the summer months increases greatly due to the influx of holidaymakers. It is only 65 km from Thessaloniki.


Kalyves has tavernas, cafes, holiday homes and rooms to rent. Both the village itself and the surrounding area offer a perfect combination of the blue of the sea and the green of nature, peace and entertainment. Both in Polygyros and Nea Moudania, which are only 10 minutes away from Kalyves, there are many shops, banks and public services while Polygyros also has a hospital.


As regards the history of the area, Kalyves got its name from the multitude of kalyves, country houses (bothies), built in that area by the inhabitants of Polygyros to cultivate their fertile lands. Apart from the long-established olive groves that have been here for centuries, at one time silk worms were also cultivated in the area.

Ancient Kalyves

Kalyves beach was the site of the important, independent, ancient town of Mikiverna, which due to its position was the port of the celebrated ancient Olynthos and the prehistoric settlement of Molyvopyrgos. The Patron Saint of the village is Aghios Modestos (17-18 December), and there are numerous chapels.